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C&C International Technology Limited

C&C International Technology Limited is one of the greatest professional components distributers in China. Our products include passive components such as capacitors, resistors and inductors, diodes and transistors, non-IC components such as relays, transformers, connectors, amphenol connectors, potentiometers, filters, switches and plugs, etc.C&C Technology has been providing fast, reliable and satisfactory service to all the customers. Till now, we’ve co-operated with many customers from all over the world such as North America, Europe, East Asia, West Asia, Australia, etc.

<br>“High Reliability, High Quality, High Efficiency” is the essential of our professional sales team and reliable suppliers ensure first –class service and best products to all the customers.

<br>In order to meet customer’s needs, C&C Technology is willing to take initiative with high level solution. We would like to cherish each opportunity to cooperate with all the sides for a brilliant future!
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